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Active Play 運動 lakeshore

WP-KP0003.1 (WP-P0007)

太極平衡板(大) / Tai-Chi Balance Board (L)

  • Age 年齡

    Age 3-6

  • Weight 重量


  • Retail Price 零售價


  • Description 內容

    尺寸:直徑66cm × 高8cm
    最大負重: 80 kg
    年齡: 3 歲或以上

    Dimension: diameter 66cm x 8cm (H), two balls
    Maximum loading: 80 kg
    Applicable Age: 3 year & up
    Detail Description :
    The large board alone serves as a balance board; it allows two children to stand on it at the same time, working together to make the ball rotate along the orbit. The two interchangeable disks can be added for more fun and challenge. The coupling disks can also be used as handheld devices for one or two people as a hand-eye coordination training tool.

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