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Babyboom由一群關注兒童成長和發展的專業人士在2001年10月成立, 致力為家長和教師從世界各地挑選高質素的益智遊戲、教材用品等,積極拓展批發和零售的業務。

Babyboom Learning Company Limited was founded in October 2001 by a group of professionals who are deeply concerned about the development of children. We select high-quality teaching materials, educational toys and motor skills development equipments from all over the world at your convenience. We engage in wholesale, retail and export sales.


Babyboom深明教育對孩子成長的重要性,為了使他們成為『樂於學習、善於溝通、勇於承擔、敢於創新』的 新一代,Babyboom為孩子悉心搜羅了一系列富教育意義的玩具、教材用品、支體鍛鍊輔助器材等,促進孩子 的多元智能發展,以及加強親子關係。

教育孩子是一項長期的事業,我們願意成為每個孩子的指南針,幫助他們在成長的『地圖』上找出有趣、有 啟發性的方向。就讓我們攜手給寶寶更多元化的空間,讓他們在成長的道路上以甜美的笑容來回報你。

Babyboom believes that education is pivotal to a child’s development. We are committed to nurture a generation of people who will enjoy learning, be good communicators, be courageous in accepting responsibilities and be creative and innovative. Hence, an assortment of educational kits ranging from educational toys to teaching materials catered for kids from newborn to 12 years old have been chosen to develop your children’s multiple intelligence (MI) and to enhance a closer parent-child relationship.

Bringing up a child is a long-term undertaking. We are very willing to become a “compass” of the children, helping them to locate a direction full of interest and inspirations. May we work in partnership to give them a more diversified way of learning in such a way that your babies will “boom” on their way to growing up.

Our toys come in 9 generic skills based on “The Consultation Paper on the Way Forward in Curriculum Development” published by the Education Department. And we aimed to enhance children's multiple intelligence (MI).

  • 協作能力
    Collaboration Skills
    (e.g. listening appreciation, and negotiation)
    Help students to engage effectively in tasks and teamwork and to benefit from collaborative relationships.
  • 批判性思考能力
    Critical Thinking Skills
    Help students to draw out meaning from given data to statements, generate and evaluate arguments, and make their own judgments.
  • 自我管理能力
    Self-management Skills
    (e.g. preserving emotional stability, handing of stress)
    Help students to build up self-esteem and accomplish goals.
  • 運算能力
    協助學生掌握中生活中的基本計算技巧,在實際環境中運用基本數學概念, 作出合理的預算、理和詮釋圖表及數據。
    Numeric Skills
    Help students to master basic computation in daily life, use basic mathematical concepts in practical situations, make reasonable estimates, understand and interpret graphs, charts and data.
  • 研習能力
    Study Skills
    (e.g. collecting and processing information)
    Help students to develop good learning habits, and the abilities and attitudes to enjoy learning.
  • 溝通能力
    Communication Skills
    Help student to interact with people and express their ideas effectively.
  • 運用資訊科技能力
    Information Technology Skills
    Help students to seek, absorb, analyze, manage and present information critically and intelligently in an information age and a digitized world.
  • 創造能力
    is the ability to produce original ideas and solve problems appropriate to the contexts.
  • 解決問題能力
    Problem Solving Skills
    Help students to use thinking skills to resolve a difficulty and determine the best soured of action.

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