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智力邏輯遊戲:智力齒輪/ IQ Gears

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    Age 7-12

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    l 按挑戰咭上的指示將拼圖擺放在遊戲板上。

    l 將其餘的拼圖填滿遊戲板並利用拼圖上的小齒輪連接遊戲板左右兩側的大齒輪。當你旋轉其中一個大齒輪 而另一個也能夠旋轉,即代表成功連接。

    l 提示:小齒輪的位置是非常重要的。不是所有小齒輪都需要旋轉,只有遊戲板兩側的大齒輪需要旋轉。

    Concentration 專注力
    Problem Solving 解難能力
    Logic 邏輯思考

    Ages 7 and up
    Get your brain into gear!
    · Place the indicated puzzle piece(s) on the game board as shown in the challenge.

    · Place all the other puzzle pieces on the game board AND create a connection between the big gears on the left and right sides of the game board. You can check this by rotating one of the big gear and see if the other big gear also rotates.

    · Tips: Position of the small gears is very important. It is not necessary that all small gears rotate, only the big gears (wheels) on the sides of the game board need to rotate.

    120 challenges to stimulate various cognitive skills:
    Concentration 專注力
    Problem Solving 解難能力
    Logic 邏輯思考

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