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智力遊戲:迷失森林 / Grizzly Gears

  • Age 年齡

    Age 7-12

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  • Description 內容

    • 迷失森林! 旋轉樹木幫助他們擺脫困境!
    • 根據挑戰咭上的指示放置樹木棋子和角色,旋轉樹木帶他們逃離森林。
    • 注意: 除了小熊外,其他角色都不應該出現在熊媽媽面前,因為當其他角色走到熊媽媽面前,將會鎖住了整個遊戲,你需要重新開始遊戲了。當然,小熊是個例外。因為牠必須尋回熊媽媽,但是不要過早把牠帶回到熊媽媽身邊,因為這會令其他角色無法移動。
    • Lost in the forest! Rotate the trees to help them get out of trouble!
    • Place the tree pieces and characters in the positions and directions shown on the challenge card, and rotate the trees to lead them out of the forest.
    (The girl goes to her camping tent / The beaver goes to the other beaver in the water / the lumberjack goes to the pile of wood / the child deer goes to the father deer / little bear goes to mother bear / the rabbit goes to his brother rabbit)
    • “Bear” in mind one important rule: loose characters should NEVER end up directly in front of Mother Bear! In case they do, the puzzle piece will be blocked… and you will have to start over. The exception is of course Little Bear. He must end up in front of his mother. But be aware not to move him too soon to his end position because if he gets blocked he might make the movement of other pieces impossible.

    Stimulate various cognitive skills:

    Planning 規劃能力
    Spatial Insight 空間感●●●●●
    Problem Solving 解難能力
    Concentration 專注力
    Flexible Thinking 靈活思維

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