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智力遊戲:小怪獸捉迷藏 / Monster Hide & Seek

  • Age 年齡

    Age 7-12

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  • Description 內容

     有小怪獸躲藏在你的床底下嗎?
     利用四塊不同形狀的拼圖把遊戲板上的小怪獸遮蓋,只露出挑戰咭上顯示的小怪獸。
     注意!遊戲板分為四格,你必須在每格擺放一塊拼圖。而挑戰咭上顯示的小怪獸可以來自任何一格,正確的顏色及數量才是最重要。

     Are there any monsters under the bed?
     Place the 4 puzzle pieces on the game board to hide all the monsters except the ones shown on the challenge.
     The game board is divided into 4 grids. You must place 1 puzzle piece in each grid. Only the quantity of each exposed monster is important.

    Stimulate various cognitive skills:

    Planning 規劃能力
    Spatial Insight 空間感
    Problem Solving 解難能力
    Concentration 專注力●●●●ο
    Logic 邏輯思考

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