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扭扭蟲蟲吃蘋果/Apple Twist

  • Age 年齡

    Age 3-6

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  • Description 內容

    • 扭扭毛毛蟲! 把蘋果吃掉!
    • 將蘋果遊戲板正確地扭轉到如挑戰咭所示。蘋果遊戲板分為5個橫條部分,每個部分可獨立旋轉180度。
    • 根據挑戰咭上的提示,將3條毛毛蟲放在蘋果遊戲板上。每條毛毛蟲都可以扭曲成不同的形狀。毛毛蟲的所有部分必須擺放在蘋果遊戲板的窩點內。初階的挑戰會提示某些毛毛蟲的位置。

    • Get the caterpillars into shape!
    • Create the game board as shown by mixing the correct sides of the apple. The apple game board is divided into 5 horizontal segments that can each be rotated 1800.
    • Place the 3 caterpillars on the apple game board. Each caterpillar can be bended in different shapes. All parts of the caterpillars much fit inside the dimples of the apple. Easy challenges offer hints about the position of some of the caterpillars.

    60 challenges to stimulate various cognitive skills:

    Spatial Insight 空間感
    Problem Solving 解難能力
    Planning 規劃能力
    Visual Perception 視覺感知

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