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松鼠藏堅果/Squirrels Go Nuts

  • Age 年齡

    Age 7-12

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  • Description 內容

    • 將松鼠在遊戲板上滑動,把堅果收藏於洞穴內!
    • 依照挑戰咭上的圖案,將松鼠拼圖放到遊戲板上並於每隻松鼠前擺放一粒堅果。
    • 將松鼠拼圖在遊戲板上下左右滑動,令堅果掉進洞內。
    • 每個洞只能藏一粒堅果。紅花拼圖是不能被移動及必定封蓋其中一個洞。小貼士:遊戲時,將遊戲板放在透明的蓋上以免失掉堅果!

    • Slide the squirrels, hide the nuts!
    • Place the puzzle pieces with squirrels on the game board as indicated on the challenge card and place a nut in front of every squirrel.
    • Slide the squirrels horizontally or vertically around the game board so that all nuts are dropped into the holes.
    • Each hole can only contain 1 nut. The puzzle piece with the red flower cannot be moved and will always cover a hole. A quick tip: place the game board on top of the transparent lid to prevent losing the nuts.

    Game board with lid, great for travel!

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