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小工程師-機器人羅比 / ROBOT ENGINEER

  • Age 年齡

    Age 3-6

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  • Description 內容

    • 全新齒輪設計,當機械人被推動前進時,能運轉其他齒輪,令機械人其他部位如手臂或頸部也一起轉動,動態極為生動有趣。
    • 可組裝10款機械人造型。組裝過程促進孩子的手眼協調並了解簡單的傳動原理。
    • 內附彩色組裝說明書及繪本故事書描述各機械人的性格,讓家長及小朋友一起享受講故事時間,啟發小朋友的想像力及創意。

    • With the new gear wheel design, when the robot is pushed forward, the rotating wheel can transmit and turn other gear wheels, creating funny movements like rotating arms and spinning neck.
    • 10 different robot models. The assembly process enhances eye-hand coordination and allow children to learn the basic concept of transmission.
    • Instruction manual and complementary story book illustrating the characters of all the robots, parents and children to enjoy their story time and stimulate children’s imagination and creativity.

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