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小工程師—幸福遊樂園 / Junior Engineer - Theme Park

  • Age 年齡

    Age 3-6

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    Included are Gigo's newly designed bricks of 2015
    ●The little engineer series is an all-new build theme.
    ● The full instruction manual is filled with pictures and English/Chinese instructions.
    ● Improve your children's recognition of shapes and colors .
    ● Improve children's hand-eye coordination while stimulating their brains.
    ● The little engineer series new build theme "Happy Amusement Park" allows you to complete amusement park rides such as the merry-go-round, roller coaster, pirate ship, and more.

    ● The innovative race track design is a groundbreaking patented invention from Gigo. Aside from expanding the design of the patented track ball, the cute exterior is coupled with free gliding on various tracks; you can even link multiple track balls for play!

    ● Gigo's unique design includes an instruction manual filled with pictures and English/Chinese instructions. Aside from assembly instructions, the many hand-drawn stories depict the models as characters in stories so that children can play in an immersive experience.

    ● "Track Ball Hsu Hsu is off to find the legendary treasure of the park. What kind of interesting things and problems will he meet on the way?" Go on an adventure with Hsu Hsu!

    ● Storybooks are used to guide children and introduce them to Gigo bricks to develop their interest in assembly while unleashing their imagination and creativity.

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