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Creating Sight-Word Sentences Center

  • Age 年齡

    Age 3-6

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    Kids master 39 high frequency sight-words…as they create fun, rebus-style sentences—hands on! Kids just slide a sentence strip into their handy activity tray, then use color-coded picture-word cards to complete each sentence. As they do, children create simple rebus sentences that focus on just 3 to 5 sight-words at a time—and get active practice using common sight-words in context! Ready-to-use center has enough materials for 4 children at once—including 32 different, color-coded sentence strips, 120 picture-word cards and 4 wooden trays. Trays are 16".

    Targets standards in these areas:
    • Using high frequency words in sentences
    • Reading fluency
    • Vocabulary development
    • Picture/word correspondence

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